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Sustained investments must also pay off

We are operating in the expanding market of regenerative energies and environmental technologies. Due to our close cooperation with investors and manufacturers from industry and science, we are able to develop and provide alternative energy solutions that are constantly technically up-to-date. Our products stand out with their high degree of innovation and efficiency and comply with national and international norms.

Our highest priorities are

  • an optimal energy yield
  • safety and reliability
  • components of high quality
  • continuous product optimisation and quality control
  • profitability

We combine our know-how in the fields of wind energy and solar energy with profound economic knowledge, years of experience and a number of innovative services and products of our competent partners. This way we provide integrated solutions that yield a profit.


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Combining technologies – Creating synergies

We put the greatest focus on flexibility regarding all our products and processes. Through wide configuration possibilities, the efficiency and future security of our customers’ investments are ensured.

From wind generator to energy park solutions

Our approach of energy park solutions aims at combining processes and products in the field of renewable energies in order to gain the best possible value for our customers.

By combining a variety of generating plants with our intelligent control management, we can best fulfill the specific regional requirements and customer demands.

The main target of the technical management of our products is the optimum utilization of regenerative energies from natural resources. This way our clients can achieve an independency from established electricity suppliers. Along with it, a good value for money is also essential.

Create synergies

Our Small Wind Generators

The significance of the use of wind energy is increasing all over the world. Due to continuous further improvements, the efficiency of our energy plants is increasing. Our small wind generators can easily and cost-efficiently cover an output range of 6 kW to 30 kW.

Product description

The unique selling points of our products

  • Simplified yet robust construction
  • A generator with a direct drive
  • Low – maintenance operation
  • Uncomplicated handling, including manual on- and off-switching
  • Low noise emission
  • Intelligent control management and the possibility of remote maintenance

The benefits of our small wind generators

  • The generated electricity can be directly utilized
  • A possibility of power supply of small households as well as larger entities is given
  • Fast, low – cost installation and maintenance due to a foldable tower
  • Security and reliability

Our small wind generators are manufactured in Germany and comprise: a nacelle, three rotor blades, a tower and a control cabinet.

The concept of our power plants makes a reasonable combination of a diversity of components possible in order to achieve an extended small wind generator or to construct a hybrid system. This way our small wind generators can be combined for example with photovoltaic modules and contribute to an independent power supply.

In order to obtain a high level of efficiency and at the same time a good profitability, the right choice of the product is at least as important as the right choice of the area of installation. For this purpose, we offer our customers our experience and expertise by assisting them with wind measurements as well as providing support for the preliminary building application and throughout the whole building permit process.

Selected performance data

of Small Wind Generators.
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UNI WIND generator
Icon - Einfache Montage
Simple installation, mounting and disassembly
Icon - Einfache Gewinnung und Nutzung von Strom
Simple generation and use of electricity
Icon - Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
Very good cost/performance ratio
Optimale Nutzung
Optimal use of regional wind conditions
Icon - Geräuscharmer Betrieb
Low noise
Icon - Manuell mögliches Ein-/Ausschalten
Can be switched ON/OFF manually
Icon - Breites Leistungsspektrum von 2 kW bis 30 kW
Broad spectrum of application from 2kW to 30 kW
Icon - Robust und bewährt im Einsatz auch bei großen Windstärken
Robust and well-proven, also for high wind force
Icon - Kombinierbarkeit mehrerer UNI WIND Anlagen
Combination of several wind generators possible
Icon - Kombiniertbarkeit mit anderen Verfahren und Produkten
Combination with other processes and products possible
Icon - Sicher im Betrieb durch Bremsmodus
Safe in operation due to brake mode

Our Hybrid systems

While our small wind generators can generate electricity at a low cost, our hybrid systems are integrated solutions, on customer request also mobile, designed for off-grid application. Beside an easy installation and commissioning, also a good cost-benefit ratio is provided.


Product description for Hybrid systems

The Hybrid systems are based on the combination of the Wind generator, a photovoltaic cell, batteries, a diesel generator and the according software as well as a robust sea container. The use of this container keeps the costs for transport and logistics low, as it can be used as machine house and foundation after commissioning.

Each Hybrid system can be adapted to the specific requirements. The production of 6kW up to 30kW is possible, depending on the actual needs. Several systems can be combined to cover larger energy demands.

Selected performance data

for Hybrid systems.
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Processes and applications

UNI HYBRID process The hybrid systems we offer are capable of a thorough off-grid electricity supply. They dispose of components for generating power from a variety of resources as well as of storage. Therefore it is possible to either utilize the power directly or to store it for a later use.

The hybrid systems are designed in a flexible manner so that they fall back on currently available resources – at night on wind energy, at daytime – on sun energy. Even if there is a lack of these resources, an emergency power generator ensures an uninterrupted energy supply.

Due to a simplified design, construction and commissioning are our hybrid systems applicable in remote regions and areas hard to reach. They are appropriate for the application at stations specialized in research, monitoring, measurements and mobile communication. Also rural areas can be provided with constant power supply relying on our hybrid systems. It is for this reason that our hybrid systems are applied in South America, Africa and the Italian Alps (at a height of over 2200 m above see-level).

Our hybrid systems are also an optimal solution regarding the overcoming of fluctuations and power blackouts of regional power supply. Especially in crisis areas, in which power supply is often not provided, relief organization take advantages of them, in order to ensure power supply in a quick und uncomplicated manner. More and more consumers in developing countries, where power supply isn’t taken for granted, acknowledge those solutions.

Probably our technical solutions for generating power will not make the world better, but they can certainly make life easier and power supply in an intelligent manner possible!

Icon - Einfache Montage
Simple installation, mounting and commissioning
Icon - Einfache Gewinnung und Nutzung von Strom
Fast electricity production after installation
Icon - Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
Very good cost/performance ratio
Optimale Nutzung
Optimal use of regionally available resources (wind, sun)
Icon - Breites Leistungsspektrum von 3 kW bis 30 kW
Broad spectrum of application from 3 kW to 30 kW
Icon - Sicherstellung der Stromerzeugung auch bei Wegfall der natürlichen Ressourcen
Secured power supply in case of lacking natural resources
Icon - Kombinierbarkeit mehrerer UNI WIND Anlagen
Combination of several Hybrid systems possible
Icon - Kombiniertbarkeit mit anderen Verfahren und Produkten
Combination with other TMG processes and products possible


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